About us

Cathy Kurtz – Owner

After many years of living and working in Houston I found this beautiful property in 2009. It was previously under contract with a developer who planned to put 30 single family homes and 14 duplexes on the property. Due to the financial crisis at that time the financing fell through, and I was able to buy the property. The previous owner was happy to sell it to me knowing that it would be minimally developed and the beauty of the property preserved. I remodeled the five existing structures and have been hosting guests ever since.

Kevin Shea – Kevin joined the team and now as a couple we try to be in Asheville as much as we can be.

Rob Gray – Property Supervisor
Rob is a talented craftsman and has done most of the remodeling and finish work on our houses and cabins. He manages the maintenance and upkeep of the property. He lives adjacent to the property and is available to fix issues and is also an experienced wildlife relocater.

John Virkler & Michelle Roach – Booking Managers
John & Michelle are local real estate brokers with JCV Real Estate and also have JCV cleaning company to make sure each rental is ready and awaiting your arrival.